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We have been honored to work with many great brands and teams to take their projects to the next level.

Along our journey, we have learned much and collected a realm of data that fuels

our strategy and innovations moving forwards.


CMOs are facing ever-increasing challenges. Our Marketing Solutions provide end-to-end decision-making support to enable CMOs to drive significant topline growth and marketing budget savings.


We work with you to develop strategic goals and a winning strategy for your campaign or product to reach your target audience and communicate your brand’s message.


In marketing and sales, navigating a myriad of choices is a challenge. To help clients focus their efforts, our marketing and sales consultants are supported by unique solutions, methodologies, and expertise.

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Media Automated Monitoring Tool for Financial Sector


AI processing and anaylizing real-time big data technology


Useful dashboard with actionable metrics


Apply AI financial model

Our Approach

Ramp up your business journey with MUSE Media

For businesses to have the best results from their marketing strategy, it requires constant optimization and monitoring. If your business is not getting the results it deserves, the agency can help you change parts of your campaign or channel to move toward your goals.

Our step-by-step approach is based on growth marketing principles and maps out a series of thoughtfully created milestones that allow us to measure progress and keep your ship sailing at the maximum speed.

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We deliver beyond your expectation

Integrated Marketing Communications is our specialty, which means we have you covered.
You’ll form a lasting relationship with us.

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Public Relations

We provide a comprehensive range of services, including media meet-and-greets and corporate communication strategies to ensure your brand is perceived positively by your target market.

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Integrated Marketing Communications

We deliver strategy development, targeted advertising on paid media, promotional video production, and graphic design on behalf of our clients to meet their goals.

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Creative Works

Offering Custom Creative Design with a wide range of products from digital illustration to physical printing artworks, we transform your ideas into stunning designs that make a lasting impression.

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Digital Marketing

As a strategic partner, we become part of your team and not just a vendor that executes strategies blindly. Our mission is to help you achieve excellent ROI for your project while retaining high growth potential.

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Community Building and Management

Through our effective community-builder solutions, we can provide you with everything you need to grow your project, from fundraising to marketing.

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Influencer Marketing

With our extensive media and influencer network, we create visible and resonant campaigns for our clients that establish thought leadership.

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Our Clients and Partners

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    Locate the very best GBA games

    Complying with in the footsteps of the Video game Young Boy and also Video Game Boy Shade, the Game Child continued to do what made use of to make him so excellent. Take a look at our listing of the very best GBA video games here and you should know why they have wonderful video games that show the most enhancements for gaming consoles. The Gameboy Advancement has exceptional graphics power, game cube connectivity, and excellent third-party support from Square, Capcom, Konami as well as later Sega. And also a ton of restricted top versions like Tale of Zelda: Mini Cape and Mario Kart: Super Circuit.
    The GBA was not just a powerful machine, capable of running portable variations of timeless SNES video games like A Web link to the Past, however likewise home to a number of specialized video games including Drill Dodger and Bokai: The Sun in Your Hands. Is. Loosen up as you see the best GBA games on the effective Nintendo mini-console. On our site there is a wide selection of free games gba roms android , which you can download right now.

    Mini Cape The Tale of Zelda

    While Eiji Aonuma, who has watched the collection considering that Ocarina, does nothing, Mini Cape still seems like a traditional Zelda game. The flagship is currently doing interesting things with the Boy Shade Oracle series, and MiniCaps improves that power by enhancing components such as dungeon design and understanding all the new black skills in Web link. Nevertheless, the link to lower the stroke dimension of the mini baseball cap is a brand-new function. This makes the puzzle facets of the collection a lot better as you need to reoccur between ranches to find brand-new paths and various obstacles. Islo, the preferred talking hat in the game, is also a fantastic enhancement, and his interesting comments have a lot of wit as you discover the world of front runner clever style. Lassie Zelda's video games aren't much better than this.

    Super Mario Advancement 2: Super Mario Globe

    We would like to maintain this checklist simply the system, however would be dissatisfied if we did not mark the portable variation of the very best 2D platform. It essentially looks like part of the superhero platform included on the SNES, yet with some tweaks, from making the personalities much more vibrant and also a lot more prominent, to adding a brand-new dragon coin to the stage where they originally originated from. Not energetic in Yes, as well as Luigi is also a usable character. It's not the most intelligent upgrade, but as the latest Extremely Mario 3D All-Star Switch collection has revealed, growing the platform is very tough.

    Pokemon Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald

    Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are great Pokemon video games in their very own right, but we ended up in this triangular RPG anyhow. Many PokГ©mon fans were miserable with the game's strange decision that they could not bring their old PokГ©mon (that is, for the very first time they might not catch everything), and also the new engine and not depending on old games suggested that the collection was significant brand-new take. You can go in new directions, add fights, or provide new natural capacities as well as characters that distinguish various other gorgeous animals that you have enthusiastically attempted to collect.

    Uno de los videojuegos de GameCube más eficientes de todos los tiempos

    Super Mario Strikers

    Mario y sus grandes amigos han regulado deportes como el tenis, el golf, el baloncesto y el béisbol durante muchos años, siempre con el espíritu de la competencia positiva. Todo eso cambió cuando los jugadores de Mushroom Kingdom entraron al campo de fútbol, ya que adquirieron aún más intensidad y agresividad que nosotros. d nunca antes visto.
    es' Es lo suficientemente extraño como para ver a Mario apretar los dientes y empujar brutalmente a Peach contra una pared llena de energía. Ese exterior duro hizo que los Manifestantes se destacaran del resto de Mario'. s mostrando la discografía de actividades, aunque la jugabilidad agradable encaja bien con la colección & # 39; ' personalizado de juegos de pc detallados. Si querías que el fútbol se mezclara con la violencia física al azar, esta era tu alternativa ideal en los Dados.

    Cielos de Arcadia Legends

    Skies of Arcadia gobierna como uno de los principales juegos de rol de Dreamcast. tu' Rápidamente me enamoraré de Vyse y también de sus Blue Rogues mientras luchan contra el malvado Valuan Realm. Sega, después de que Dreamcast lamentablemente se desmoronara, decidió portar este excepcional juego de rol propio a GameCube, rebautizándolo como Skies of Arcadia Legends.
    Las impresionantes batallas de mazmorras no están dañadas, el sistema de exploración aún funciona (¡actualmente con muchos más descubrimientos!), así como el sistema de lucha hizo el corte, básicamente intacto. Legends coincide con el video que disfrutaron los propietarios de Dreamcast, solo con algunas facetas nuevas menores junto con una nueva capa de pintura. Cualquier tipo de amante de los juegos de rol que se perdió Skies of Arcadia la primera vez ya no tiene ningún tipo de justificación para dejar pasar este puerto.


    En un momento en que disparar- '' em-ups ya no sugería un punto, ver uno tan hermoso como resultado intoxicantemente deslumbrante referido a las consolas de juegos de PC era una tarea real. El videojuego' El enfoque en la dualidad ofrece a tu nave sus 2 colores distintos (blanco y negro). Un color puede recibir balas del mismo color y guardarlas para tu propio golpe de limpieza de pantalla, pero el otro puede infligir el doble de daño a los oponentes del color contrario.
    Todo se reduce a una ráfaga de perdigones blancos y negros que vuelan por toda la pantalla en un frenesí de actividad bastante inevitable. ¿Cuándo? Si se hace en actividad, sus ojos se iluminarán y el impulso en bruto toma el control. Para aquellos que ven desde lejos, Ikaruga aparece como un objeto de arte en streaming. Realmente es así de asombroso. Lamentablemente, el videojuego rara vez causó sensación cuando se lanzó, sin embargo, su herencia reside en la descarga. A pesar de las ventas reducidas e incluso de la comprensión reducida, aquellos conscientes definitivamente protegerán el título y también a su hermano o hermana de Sega Saturn más no identificado, Radiant Silvergun, como los máximos de la locura de los tiradores nerviosos.

    Más allá de lo grande y también de la maldad

    Frank West puede ir a la arena de una libra extra. Jade es juegos de video PC' s fotógrafa inicial, y ella & # 39; También es mucho mejor en su tarea. Pasado excelente e improbidad se ha convertido en un estatus de culto entre los jugadores, hasta el punto en que su seguimiento recientemente revelado terminó siendo una de las noticias más repasadas antes del E3 2017 por un margen enorme del tamaño de un cerdo.
    Cada pequeña cosa relacionada con el juego irradia: la escritura, las individualidades, la historia, los gráficos… No es mucho lo que se puede encontrar incorrecto con él. Este plan fenomenal solo nos hace desear que el seguimiento que se rumorea a menudo simplemente surja en este momento. nosotros Estoy cansado de esperar, Ubisoft. Ofrécenos más Jade

    TimeSplitters: futuro perfecto

    Jugamos una gran cantidad de videojuegos significativos en las oficinas de GR+, y de vez en cuando… Es excelente para divertirse con lo que sea. está ocurriendo en la pantalla del televisor. Mejor aún es cuando el juego nos hace reír en lugar de ponernos serios. No necesitamos mirar más allá de TimeSplitters: Future Perfect para una gran risa.
    En un sistema desprovisto de juegos de disparos en primera persona, Future Perfect hace un trabajo excepcional al defender el estilo. La acción activa une el estrés con un alto aspecto divertido para producir un juego de computadora que… s simplemente agradable común. Eso' s qué juego de computadora se espera que sea, ¿verdad? Placentero. Todo lo que tienes que hacer es elegir la consola en este sitio cuyos roms emulador quieres jugar.

    Fat burning – scientific approach

    Excessive weight is the trouble of every second person who counts on fitness instructors. Therefore, in our physical fitness courses, we diligently examine the procedure of weight loss – not as thoroughly as in medical school, yet so meticulously that any kind of health and fitness instructor or health and fitness instructor can develop a nutrition as well as workout program that will certainly aid the client lose weight swiftly and also maintain the outcome.
    This is the process of burning and accumulating fat in our body. Dr Nowzaradan diet plan is based on eating a variety of healthy foods and limiting calorie intake, which are prerequisites to the success of any weight loss journey. The dr now diet meal plan includes three meals a day and two snacks a day.

    Physiology of fat loss


    There is a sort of cell in our body particularly designed to store fat. These are lipocytes. Fat books are deposited in them in the form of a chemical compound of triglycerides. The buildup of triglycerides is a from a physical standpoint based process, as they can serve as a resource of energy, a resource of building products for hormones, for cell membrane layers, etc. Following this reasoning, in order to require the body to utilize triglycerides, it is required to develop a shortage of energy or structure products. Under such problems, the lipocyte releases the accumulated triglyceride and breaks it down right into glycerol and fats. The splitting procedure is called lipolysis. Lipocyte cleavage items go into the bloodstream and are carried to where they are needed. This is where fat loss takes place. Or else, having actually moved a bit via the blood stream, glycerol and also fatty acids recombine and also are positioned back right into the lipocytes.

    Stage 1: Beginning of lipolysis.

    Lipolysis is a hormonal procedure. This means that the lipocyte “launches” its fat stores just when the suitable hormone enters contact with the lipocyte receptor. Hormonal agents are produced by various glands in our body, as well as the activity of a specific gland depends upon both internal and external problems. After the gland produces a hormone that can signify the need to break down fat shops, it enters the blood stream. Blood showers all the cells of our body – lipocytes are no exception – therefore, at a particular point, the lipocyte receptor reacts with the matching hormone as well as launches the material consisted of in it.

    Local fat loss
    Right here it would certainly be quite appropriate to think about such a procedure as regional weight loss or selective weight loss. The viewpoint of modern scientists, body builders and also people close to fitness is significantly different hereof. Some believe that neighborhood weight loss is difficult, others say that it is rather possible to produce problems for factor fat loss. Both the very first as well as the other side have many disagreements.

    anti-fat hormones
    There is a whole listing of hormonal agents that can trigger the weight loss process. Which hormone causes the system of fat burning in a given circumstance directly depends upon the problems of the circumstance and also rather less on the state of the body at the time of the event of these problems. Let’s take a look at a couple of examples:
    With hunger as well as reduced blood glucose, this hormonal agent is glucagon.
    In a battle or flight scenario – adrenaline
    With serious stress, stress and hunger – cortisol
    At night, during rest, the body’s energy supply processes are controlled by the hormonal agent somatropin.
    The ability of a hormonal agent to initiate the procedure of fat loss is called its lipolytic ability.

    Stage 2: fat usage.

    After the release of fatty acids and also glycerol from the lipocyte, the body faces an additional task – to utilize the obtained substances for their designated function. Or else, as already stated, fat loss and, consequently, weight reduction will certainly not take place, considering that extra fat returns from the blood stream to lipocytes. Another unfavorable facet of the absence of the second stage is the high threat of cholesterol plaques on the walls of capillary.
    From the foregoing, we can conclude that any possibility of affecting the procedure of lipolysis with the help of added initiation or the intro of external hormones is ineffective and also unsafe if the malfunction products of fats are not made use of from the bloodstream.
    Probably the only use intended for human beings is muscle mass work. During exercise, accompanied by muscle work, the energy of the blood circulation is used for this work. Although in the conditions of physical fitness or working out in the health club, the stage of fat usage occurs instantly. In addition, the process of exploitation and also deterioration proceeds also after the conclusion of training, in particular after stamina training. That is why those who want to reduce weight are strongly recommended to integrate aerobic workout with stamina exercises, in which the muscle mass are associated with volumetric work.

    Сигареты самого высшего качества

    Компании, специализирующиеся на производстве сигарет, признаны во всем мире. Категория дорогих сигарет легко доступна практически у всех производителей сигарет. Хотя этот сорт сигарет создан для лиц с высоким социальным положением, позволить себе их может любой – стоимость их действительно значительна.


    Жизненным событием на фоне этих сигарет стала Первая мировая война. Воспользовавшись энергичной пропагандой сигаретного дыма на фронте, Альфред Данхилл, фактически открывший ранее в Лондоне небольшой сигаретный магазин, стал рассылать на острие целые блоки сигарет.

    Так, молва об особом твердом вкусе премиального табака дошла до императорского дворца, а затем разлетелась по всему миру. Стоимость сигарет Dunhill складывается из множества переменных, от легкого достойного вкуса, достигаемого уникальной современной технологией резки сигарет, до уникальной элегантной упаковки. Можно по доступной цене купить марвел сигареты в нашем интернет магазине.


    Вероятно, это одна из самых известных марок сигарет на планете. Можно смело утверждать, что на протяжении всего своего существования сигареты Philip Morris действительно имели оттенок элитарности. Наряду с хрупким, а также достойным вкусом табака, цену «Парламента» определяет и уникальный воздушный фильтр, который не только позволяет сохранить зубы белыми, но и дополнительно предотвращает интоксикацию легких вредными элементами.

    Sobranie Black

    Табак, выращенный в Бразилии, без примесей и ненужных ароматных ингредиентов придает сигаретам чистый и изысканный вкус. Они также оснащены угольным фильтром, основная задача которого — очищать легкие клиента. Макет Sobranie Black действительно консервативен и строг: черная пачка всегда выглядит солидно.  Важно то, что российское Собрание качественно отличается по предпочтению от зарубежных — следовательно, получается, что покупатель переплачивает именно за бренд.

    Captain Black

    «Черный капитан» завоевал сердца многих курильщиков благодаря своему высочайшему качеству, а также фантастическому разнообразию вкусов. Приятное и яркое пристрастие к сигаретам известно во всем мире и уже давно нравится многим. Их дороговизна обусловлена индивидуальностью покрытия – курительная смесь покрыта восстановленным табачным листом, а также сигарета для этих сигарет подбирается из специальных линеек. Captain Black считается одним из самых крепких сигарет с содержанием смолы 14 мг и никотина 1,2 мг.

    Senator Private Blend

    Жестяная, золотистого цвета упаковка сигарет Законодатель одним взглядом говорит о принадлежности этой марки к высшему классу. В отличие от предыдущих особей нашего рейтинга, эти эксклюзивные сигареты российского производства, а также созданы компанией «Донской Табак» совместно с сигаретами Richmond.

     Главной особенностью этих дорогих сигарет является выдержанный табак: уникальная курительная смесь сортов Вирджиния, Берлей, а также азиатских сортов помещается в дубовые бочки и выдерживается там определенное время. Тем не менее, сигареты Legislator относятся к категории табачных изделий средней крепости – в них всего 0,5 мг чистого никотина. Благодаря уникальной технологии приготовления сигарет достигается чрезвычайно известный вкус деталей Senator.